Child Custody Mediation Tips

When one or more children are involved in a separation or divorce, child custody details need to be agreed upon by the parents to ensure the child’s or children’s needs are met.

Attending child custody mediation in a safe and supportive environment under the guidance of a skilled Mediator is a proven way for parents to reach their goals with less stress and fewer arguments.

Of course, even with mediation it is essential for you to be prepared before you start the process. To help you prepare, here are our child custody mediation tips.

Approach Child Custody Mediation with an Open Mind

For mediation to be successful, you need to approach it with an open mind and be willing to listen to both the Mediator and your ex-spouse. If you are convinced that there is only one satisfactory solution, then your mediation and your child custody plan will fail. You must be willing to compromise and work with your ex-spouse on a solution that works for both of you, but most importantly, for your child.

Bring Supporting Documents

To help create the best custody plan for your child, you should bring with you any supporting documents that will help in its creation. This includes things like your work schedule, your child’s school schedule, and any schedules pertaining to his or her extracurricular activities such as sports, band rehearsals, etc. 

Focus on Your Child’s Needs and Not Your Own

In a divorce, things can get deeply personal, so your knee-jerk reaction to your ex-spouse’s proposition may be to argue or refuse. But in child custody mediation, the primary focus needs to be on what is best for your child and not what is best for you. Be aware that conflict will impact your child, so come to mediation prepared with several options that see to the needs of your child first and foremost.

Leave Your Problems with Your Ex-Spouse at the Door

Your child custody mediation is not the place to rehash old problems you have with your ex-spouse or get into “he said, she-said” arguments. Its sole purpose is to help you and your ex-spouse solve any parenting problems that will arise after the divorce. Write down any concerns you might have regarding your child’s welfare, so you do not forget to bring them up during your sessions.

Be Aware That You May Need More Than One Session

While your Mediator will work with you and your ex-spouse to keep things progressing in a peaceful manner, tensions can still arise when one or both partners are still in a lot of pain by the nullification of their marriage. As a result, it is not uncommon for there to be multiple mediation sessions required to reach a satisfactory child custody plan. Being aware that your mediation may not provide a solution after the first meeting will help ensure that your expectations are not crushed.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Eat Breakfast or Lunch Before You Go

Getting a good night’s sleep and eating a healthy breakfast or lunch before you go is not only sound advice for daily life, but it is also one of our most essential child custody mediation tips because your mediation session will demand all your focus and attention. As peaceful as your Mediator will keep the process, it will still be stressful, so now is no time to show up tired or hungry. Be prepared, so you can be at your best for your child.

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