Divorce Mediator vs. Attorney

If you have made the difficult decision to dissolve your marriage, then you might find yourself in the position of choosing between a divorce mediator and a divorce attorney to help you reach the best resolution.

While both can help you through the divorce process, how they go about it differs.

In this guide, you will learn more about the differences between a divorce mediator and an attorney.

Mediator vs Lawyer: Definitions

Divorce Mediator: A divorce mediator is third-party professional who works with both parties involved in a divorce to help them come to a fair divorce agreement.

Divorce Attorney: A divorce attorney is a lawyer who is hired and appointed by one party to act on their behalf throughout the divorce proceedings.

Primary Differences Between Divorce Mediators and Attorneys

Because mediators are unbiased, they actively strive to help both parties in negotiations by facilitating communication in a clear and peaceful way. Mediators can help couples understand more about the legal process and their divorce proceedings, but they cannot give legal advice. With a mediator, all final decisions are crafted by the divorcing couple. The goal for a mediator is to help both parties stay focused on the key issues, so they can work through them in an amicable way.

Unlike a mediator, an attorney is only interested in helping her client achieve the best settlement. As a result, divorce rulings that are overseen by lawyers and the courts can often wind up being more beneficial to one party over the other, and it is usually the one with the most money to spend on their legal representation.

Don’t Let the Courts Make Your Decisions For You – Hire a Mediator Today

Taking the litigation approach to divorce leaves your destiny in the hands of attorneys and the court. The problem is, these people don’t have to live with the consequences of the court ruling, but you, your spouse, and your children do. Choosing mediation will place complete control over the results of your divorce in the hands of you and your spouse. Simply put, mediation is the most effective way to reach an agreement that works for everyone in your family.

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