Online Divorce Mediation – How It Works

Traditional divorce court proceedings tend to be overly formal, time consuming, expensive, and stressful.

It can take such a toll on a couple that it is not uncommon for both parties to feel completely exhausted, both emotionally and physically, once it’s complete. And, as is all too often the case, one spouse is almost always left feeling unheard and disenfranchised with the court’s ruling.

Divorce mediation is a more effective alternative that can help divorcing couples agree to terms on several important issues, including child custody, child support, and alimony. During sessions, which are managed by an unbiased third-party mediator, couples can avoid the expense and stress of a court battle and work together to resolve their issues. 

Traditional mediation involves in-person sessions, but thanks to modern technology, online divorce mediation is becoming more popular. Here’s how it works.

Virtual divorce mediation uses a variety of web-based programs designed to help facilitate the mediation. Once the mediator and the two spouses agree to a scheduled date and time for their session, the mediator will send each party an invitation to attend via email along with log in instructions. At the appointed time, both parties will join the virtual meeting using the previously provided instructions and the mediator will start the mediation process.

Just like in in-person mediation, if one party needs to speak privately to the mediator, the mediator can break everyone out into their virtual rooms and shuttle back and forth to resolve the issue. The number of online sessions needed differs based on the couple’s negotiations and the speed at which they reach their resolutions.

6 Reasons Why Virtual Divorce Mediation is So Popular

There are several key reasons why online divorce mediation is fast-becoming one of the most popular options for couples looking to avoid the stress of divorce court litigation, including:

  1. Flexibility – Because your mediation sessions are virtual, you can participate from anywhere that has an Internet connection, including the comfort of your home. There’s no need to take extra time off work or travel to and search for a parking spot in an unfamiliar location.
  2. Ease of Scheduling – With both couples keeping different schedules, agreeing on a day and time to travel to in-person mediation isn’t always easy. But with online mediation, scheduling is easier because no travel is necessary. Mediation can even be schedule before or after traditional office hours in some cases. 
  3. Lower Cost – Mediation is already considerably less expensive than traditional divorce court litigation, but because there is no physical space required to be rented for the meeting, online mediation tends to be even less expensive.
  4. Couples Can Stay Physically Apart – Whether due to social distancing concerns, one spouse living in another area, a health issue, or one spouse feeling intimidated or uncomfortable in the presence of the other, there are times when a face-to-face meeting might not be the best way to resolve issues. Virtual mediation allows couples to take full advantage of communicating under the guidance of a skilled mediator while staying physically apart. For many, being able to negotiate their divorce from a distance is essential for feeling safe and secure.
  5. Other Experts Can Join In, If Necessary – Since the mediation is occurring in an online environment, the mediator can invite other experts, such as an attorney or accountant, to join in on the negotiations if necessary. And, because these experts don’t need to travel anywhere, all you need to worry about paying them for is the amount of time they spend attending your sessions.
  6. Easy Document Sharing – Online mediation allows both parties to easily upload and share any important documents in advance of the mediation. This not only helps keep the negotiation process more organized, but it also eliminates the need to make physical copies. 

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If you are ready to start the process of divorce mediation, then your first step is to discuss it with your spouse. If you both agree to negotiate your divorce virtually using an experienced third-party mediator, then we can help. 

Mediation Professionals of Long Island can help you and your spouse achieve a healthier divorce, with less stress and less cost and time than going through the court system. Our compassionate mediators are unbiased and will work with you and your spouse to help you communicate with each other peacefully, so a fair and equal resolution can be reached. Contact us today at 646-992-7440 to learn more about our in-person and online mediation services or click here to send us a message.

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