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Mediation is a negotiation that involves two or more parties facilitated by a professional third-party mediator.

An experienced mediator is essential to the process as he or she has a unique skillset that can help the parties communicate more effectively, so they can reach a more amicable result that benefits everyone involved. 

A key component in any successful mediation is the face-to-face interaction between the parties. It allows the attendees to better understand what each other is saying and with the mediator’s guidance, this environment can be instrumental in making headway in topics that would otherwise wind up in stalemate, or worse – an argument. 

But such face-to-face meetings aren’t always easy to achieve, especially in post-Covid America. At Mediation Professionals of Long Island, we offer a convenient solution to meet today’s unique climate – online mediation services.

Benefits of Virtual Mediation Services

Virtual mediation offers all the same benefits as traditional mediation services. It is just more accessible thanks to modern technology. Whether your partner is living in another city, state, or country, or you are concerned about social distancing, you can still meet with your partner and a skilled mediator to discuss your disputes, agree to terms, peacefully resolve your conflicts, and achieve a happier and healthier legal separation or divorce. 

One of the challenges of face-to-face mediation is that it can be challenging to schedule a date and time that meets the needs of all included parties. With online mediation services, scheduling is easier because things like traffic, parking, and other travel logistics are removed from the equation. 

Because you can log in virtually to your session from anywhere with internet access, you can even save money because you won’t have to take extra time off work or arrange for costly childcare. Virtual mediation also makes it easier for both parties to speak openly, especially in situations where one spouse may be easily intimidated when in the presence of the other. Being physically apart and in a safe and familiar environment can help prevent old patterns and negative dynamics from emerging.

Learn More About Online Mediation Services and How They Can Help

Divorce is never easy, but there are easier ways to achieve a more positive outcome. Mediation Professionals of Long Island offers the services today’s divorcing couples need to reach co-beneficial agreements that will help result in a more peaceful and amicable divorce. 

Our skilled mediators will help you and your spouse communicate with each other more effectively, so a fair and equal resolution can be reached. Mediation will even help you save money and time by coming to terms before divorce court. Contact us today at 646-992-7440 to learn more about our virtual mediation services, or click here to send us a message.

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