Spousal & Child Support Mediation

Alimony, sometimes referred to as spousal support, is generally awarded in a divorce settlement when one spouse makes substantially more than the other.
While spousal support laws vary by state, most courts take the following into consideration when
deciding whether to award alimony:

  • Physical, emotional, and financial conditions of each spouse
  • Length of the marriage (alimony is not typically awarded when a couple was married for only a few years)
  • Standard of living during the marriage
  • Length of time spouse who makes less money would need support to become self-sufficient
  • Ability of spouse earning more money to support him/herself and the other party

In cases where the divorcing couple have one or more children, then the issue of child support will also be negotiated. During this process, the court examines the parents’ gross monthly income as well as other factors to determine a fair and just ruling. In addition to the monthly child support payment amount, the court will also determine visitation guidelines and healthcare and childcare expense responsibilities.

Because of the financial ramifications associated with spousal support and child support, it should be no surprise that these two topics are among the most common things divorcing couples battle over in court.

Get a Healthier and Fairer Divorce with Spousal and Child Support Mediation

Rather than battling over financial responsibilities in an emotionally charged court room, spousal and child support mediation offers a couple the opportunity to work through these important concerns, so a more equitable resolution can be reached. In mediation, a skilled mediator is instrumental in assisting the flow of communication, something that’s vital to a healthy divorce but so commonly missing from it.

If you are getting a divorce and spousal support and child support are on the table, mediation can help you reach a calmer and more reasoned resolution. Contact Mediation Professionals of Long Island for compassionate, experienced mediation services today.

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