Parenting Plans & Agreements

A parenting plan is a critical part of any divorce in which a child is involved.
This agreement includes a detailed schedule that spells out exactly which parent is “on duty” and which is “off duty.” Because this usually results in one parent spending more time with their child than the other parent, it can easily become one of the more heated and emotional negotiations included in the divorce trial proceedings.
But by taking a proactive approach and negotiating a parenting plan outside of the courtroom in a peaceful enviroment, both parties can reduce the stress and anxiety typically associated with a trial and reach a more satisfactory resolution.

Parenting Plan Mediation Works

When a divorcing couple accepts mediation, they work with the Mediator to create a parenting plan that is tailored to their specific needs. Taking into account their work schedules, the parents develop a basic time-sharing calendar.

An unbiased Mediator encourages both parties to talk candidly about exceptions, such as holidays, birthdays, summer planning, travel with or without the children, and family traditions. As part of the negotiations, the parents decide who holds the passports, who is the liaison with doctors and schools, and other important issues pertaining to their child’s upbringing.

If you are getting a divorce and you want to ensure your parenting plan agreement is both fair for you and your ex-spouse and suitable for your child’s needs, mediation can play an impactful role. Contact Mediation Professionals of Long Island for compassionate, experienced parenting plan mediation today and enjoy a healthier and more equitable divorce.

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