Child Visitation Schedules & Plans

When parents of a child are involved in a divorce or separation case, reaching an agreement on child visitation rights is an important part of the discussion. In a court-tried divorce, it is the judge who typically renders the decision and sets the child visitation schedules, but in many cases, the result is not always in the best interest of the parents or the child. After all, there is no single child visitation plan that works for all families.
A child visitation agreement is an official document that details:

  • Visitation scheduling
  • Exchange times
  • Exchange locations
  • Supervision requirements (if any)
  • And more

If you and your spouse are separating or divorcing and you want to create child visitation plans that work for everyone in your family, then working with a skilled mediator to create a child visitation agreement can be an effective and more affordable way to reach your goals.

At Mediation Professionals of Long Island, our mediators can help you and your spouse create child visitation schedules that are fair and sensible. Most importantly, because the court is not involved, we can help you come to terms in a non-adversarial way with far less stress.

With so much stress involved in most divorces, being able to work together in a supportive environment can be beneficial to the parents but even more so to the child. Contact Mediation Professionals of Long Island today for compassionate, experienced mediation services that will help you and your partner reach a more peaceful and fair child custody resolution.

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