What’s Next When Marriage Counseling Advice Doesn’t Work?

Choosing to divorce your spouse is never an easy decision, especially when children or complex financial matters are involved.

Often, couples will instead agree to marriage counseling to help them overcome their personal issues for considering divorce with the hopes that they can piece their marriage back together.

Unfortunately, marriage counseling advice does not always deliver the breakthroughs a couple might have hoped for, and there are a few different reasons why this happens so frequently. 

Top Reasons Why Marriage Counseling Often Doesn’t Work

One of the most common reasons why marriage counseling advice does not work for many couples is that it is not uncommon for the two partners to have different agendas heading into counseling. For instance, if one partner is more committed than the other to putting in the work to save the marriage, then marriage counseling will almost always fail. The same happens when one partner agrees to counseling but secretly remains dedicated to the goal of divorce.

As is often the case, deep feelings of pain and betrayal can also hamper the success of counseling. These feelings are common in cases where one or both partners are unfaithful, abusive, or suffer from addiction. Such instances result in a breakdown of trust that can be exceedingly difficult to repair.

For marriage counseling to truly work, both partners need to be completely honest and equally committed to putting in the effort and the emotional homework to improve their relationship. The problem is many couples have already reached a point where there are no emotions left by the time they agree to seek counseling. At this point, making the difficult decision to separate could be the only way either one will be able to start on the path to healing.

If marriage counseling advice did not work for your marriage, then you might be wondering what your next logical step should be. Mediation is an effective tool that can help you and your partner not only come to terms with your eventual divorce, but also set up agreements in advance of your trial or arbitration hearing that will help make the entire process smoother, less stressful, and less emotionally taxing.

Mediation Can Help Prepare You for a Healthier Divorce

The term “healthy divorce” might not seem realistic when you are in the process of dealing with your marriage being over, but there are ways to make a divorce easier and less stressful on both you and your spouse. And, whenever you are able to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety from a situation, even during a divorce, it is automatically healthier for you.

An experienced and compassionate Mediator has the skills necessary to help both partners see the situation from the other’s perspective and assist them with the goal of creating unbiased and fair terms for the divorce. With effective mediation, both partners can close the chapter on their marriage with substantially less pain and resentment and start on the path to a healthier and happier tomorrow.

A Healthy Divorce Starts With Choosing the Right Mediator

Choosing the right Mediator is one of the most important steps on your divorce journey. You want an unbiased Mediator with plenty of experience, especially regarding specific issues involved in your unique case, such as parenting issues or complex financial matters. You want a Mediator who is compassionate, fair, and skilled at helping two individuals in pain find common ground.

Mediation Professionals of Long Island can help you and your spouse work through the difficulties of your divorce fairly and compassionately. We have extensive experience where it is most needed, including assisting couples with issues related to marriage and domestic partnership dissolution, child custody and support, property division matters, premarital agreements, and more. Divorce does not have to be messy and over-complicated. Call Mediation Professionals of Long Island today at 646-992-7440 or click here to send them a message and start the healing process with a healthier divorce.

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